Springtime Tune Up Tips

The air is warming up, and the snow and gravel are gone! Who’s ready for their first wash & wax outside in the Sunday afternoon sun? We know we’re excited to leave the garage doors open for a change.

Spring is one of the most important times for auto-maintenance.

Give your car some attention now, so that you’re ready for warm days and long drives. We recommend you take a look, or let us take a look at:

  •  Your battery. Winter is rough on your starting components like your alternator and battery. Look for dimming headlights and panels, windows that take longer to roll up and down.
  •  Check the condition of your tires, and brakes. Wet weather and melting salts can lead to corrosion. Squeaky brakes and pulling to one side when you stop are a good indicator that they need attention.
  • Rough idles & starts. Get this corrected before warmer weather sets in.
  • Your cooling system. Get a flush and refill with the right coolant for the season.
  • The tightness of your belts & hose clamps. Freezing and warming can loosen these up a little, and all it takes is a quick inspection and tightening.
  • Get your A/C working at it’s full potential.
  • Your oxygen sensor. This usually costs less than $200 and needs to be replaced every 30-50k miles. A worn out sensor can dramatically reduce your fuel efficiency.

We’re glad Spring is finally here.  We’ll be glad to help you get your car up to speed.

So give your car a quick tune up and be ready for happy driving! ActNow Automotive offers a 29.99 oil change with a complete inspection.

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