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ActNow Automotive Welcomes You!

Visit our friendly shop with a team of experts that will keep your vehicle running smoothly. ActNow Automotive understands that we all need our vehicles to be reliable. Commuting to work every day, traveling for vacation and running errands across town are what you need your vehicle for most. Your daily routine should never be interrupted by a breakdown, and the goal of our highly trained technicians is to keep your auto repair experience as stress-free as possible. Our experts also know that it will take the two of us to keep your vehicle reliable. Fortunately, we’re here to do the hard part for you. All you have to do is choose our repair facility, and we’ll keep your vehicle on the road. Your domestic, European or Asian vehicle will run like it’s fresh off of the lot after our technicians perform our expert-level repairs and maintenance services.


Honest & Trustworthy–Full Service Auto Repairs

All drivers are looking for skilled mechanics that they can depend on! Earning your trust is our first priority. From the moment you step through our doors, you’re a new friend, and by the time you drive away you’re like family. ActNow Automotive in Yakima, WA is the shop you’ve been looking for! What a relief to have a mechanic on standby that can meet any of your automotive needs. Our techs specialize in helping you avoid costly repairs. Instead waiting until your vehicle is towed to our facility to perform our expert repairs, we keep on a factory scheduled maintenance routine. We keep our maintenance services quick and effective so you never have to see us for costly repairs. But should you ever need them, you already know the experts for the job. We fix everything, all makes and models, both foreign and domestic!

The Problem Solvers and Problem Preventers

Meet the auto repair shop in Yakima that’s the answer to any of your automotive performance issues. It’s our duty and our pleasure to enhance your driving experience with preventive maintenance services. Drive with comfort and confidence knowing that the team at ActNow Automotive has properly prepared you for the road. Give us a call 509-424-4296 to schedule a service appointment, just let us know what time works best for you. For your convenience, you can go ahead and schedule it online right now, using our online scheduling system. We’re looking forward to making a new friend!